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30th PTS Coating Symposium 2021

Functional Coating for Fibre Based Packaging

PTS Coating Symposium 2021 - Program

Functional Coating for Fibre Based Packaging

PROGRAM 2021 - online: Download here

The exact times and the distribution of the lectures over the days will be determined soon. With Speaker Talks and Q&A Sessions the program gets even more extensions for your questions and interactive exchange.


Welcome & Opening - Dr. Marcel Haft & Ina Greiffenberg

Session 1: Application techniques



  • “Eco-friendly paper cup using chromatogeny
    Dr. Mohammed
    Krouit - Centre Technique du Papier (CTP)



  • “Direct application for high strength and barrier properties, on-line, for wood-containing low basis weight papers“
    Tom Larsson - UMV Coating Systems AB



  • “Board Precoating: Coating Structure Effects on Topcoat Performance, Binder Hold Out & Barrier Functionality”
    Dr. Janet Preston Imerys



  • “Hard nip sizing with spray and curtain application improve the strength properties of liner and coated board grades“
    Henri Vaittinen I Antti Räisänen - Valmet Technologies Oy



  • “Coating and laminating processes for paper packaging materials under the aspect of sustainability and recycling”
    Andrea Glawe - KROENERT GmbH & Co KG


Session 2: New Barrier Feedstocks




  • “Bio-based Barrier Coatings on Paper with Polyhydroxyalkanoates: a View on Opportunities and Challenges“
    Pieter Samyn - SIRRIS Smart Coatings Lab



  • “Bio-Based Barriers for Packaging Materials - Impacts of Surface Treatment and Biopolymers on Barrier Properties of Packaging Paper”
    Dr. Samir Kopacic - TU Graz



  • “Technological and commercial advantages exchanging dextrin with native starch as cobinder in coating colours
    Tilman Bauer - Bauer Verfahrenstechnik GmbH

Summary & Closing Day 1 - Dr. Marcel Haft & Ina Greiffenberg



Welcome & Opening - Dr. Marcel Haft & Ina Greiffenberg

Session 3: Analytics and Process



  • “Rheology management in water based barrier coatings“
    Kukkamo - ACA Systems Oy



  • “Oxygen and moisture barrier for packaging application: The impact of different precoating conditions”
    Beko Mesic - Karlstad University



  • “Efficient heating elements for sealing and drying applications”
    Marcus Stein - Watttron GmbH




Session 4: All Cellulose Products





  • Microfibrillated Cellulose – Applications for Sustainable Barrier Papers and Boards”
    Tom Larson – FiberLean Technologies Ltd.



  • “Nanocrystalline Cellulose in Coatings and their Effects on Barrier Properties”
    Janja Juhant Grkman - Pulp and Paper Institute, Slovenia




Session 5: Closing the loop





  • “When natural is required - achieving sustainability goals and winning the regulatory challenge”



  • “Greater sustainability with Waste Coating Colour Recycling”
    Makari - GAW technologies GmbH



  • “Dispersion barrier coated fiber based materials and holistic study about repulping
    Mari Ojanen - KEMIRA Oyj



Summary & Closing Day 1 - Dr. Marcel Haft & Ina Greiffenberg


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