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30th PTS Coating Symposium 2021

Functional Coating for Fibre Based Packaging

The international meeting point for surface upgrading of paper and cardboard

Programm 2021 is online.


On September 07 to 08, 2021, the established PTS Coating Symposium will take place again - this time with two anniversaries and one innovation:

  • this year the conference will celebrate its 30th anniversary, which shows the international and continuous importance of this event,
  • in addition, the Papiertechnische Stiftung will celebrate its 70th anniversary,
  • and the PTS Coating Symposium 2021 will be offered as an online event.

The online format will provide an innovative program, diverse topics and contributions from international experts and new network possibilities. Due to the existing corona conditions, the PTS team has decided to hold the event online, for consistent and secure planning for speakers, participants and exhibitors.

You can look forward to presentations by recognised speakers from science, business and administration in the following sessions:

  • Application techniques
  • New Barrier Feedstocks
  • Analytics and Process
  • All Cellulose Products
  • Closing the loop


Finished: Call for Paper 2021 - Download

Please share your experience with successful collaboration, new products, solved problems in your field or a development story. We are looking for talks from paper manufacturers, converters, machinery suppliers, measurement and quality control suppliers, chemical industry and research institutes.

  • Submissions are possible until 28.02.2021
  • All speakers can participate in the two-day symposium free of charge
Outlook: 30th PTS Coating Symposium 2021

The PTS team has been preparing the content and organisation for some time now. The programme committee is appointed, the main topics are discussed, the venue and the supporting programme are fixed.
With the motto "Functional Coating For Fibre Based Packaging" we can already reveal the tendency of the programme in terms of content and that the event language will be English, which is an enrichment for the international importance and networking.


Impressions of Symposium 2019

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  • Symposium-2019-4.jpg

  • Symposium-2019-5.jpg

  • Symposium-2019-6.jpg

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  • Symposium-2019-8.jpg

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  • Symposium-2019-11.jpg

  • Symposium-2019-12.jpg

  • Symposium-2019-13.jpg

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  • Symposium-2019-17.jpg

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  • Symposium-2019-37.jpg

  • Symposium-2019-38.jpg

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